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Talking Essentials

October 26, 2022 Liz Hill Episode 20
Spiritually Speaking With Liz
Talking Essentials
Show Notes

In this episode I chat with Amy Anthony, an aromatherapy expert, aromatic gardener and so much more. We chat about essential oils, how they can easily be integrated into modern day life and also about Menopause and examples of oils that can help with hot flushes and mood swings, as well as hormone balancing.
Grab yourself a cuppa and join us

The book Amy spoke of is: "The Well Gardened Mind" by Sue Stuart Smith

A link to the post on Ylang ylang mentioned: https://nycaromatica.com/plant-talk-with-ylang-ylang-essential-oil/

Amy can be contacted by her website: https://nycaromatica.com/

Her instagram is: @nycaromatica  Facebook: nycaromatica 

If you want to contact me, my email address is:  spirituallyspeaking222@gmail.com. Instagram: spirtually_speaking_222 or FB:  spirituallyspeaking222